Condition de vente

General Terms of Sale – EU Countries


  • Our prices are calculated in euros, duty paid exclusive of VAT and ex works our warehouse in Piacenza, Italy.

  • Our prices are subject to change without notice, prior to delivery.


  • We will effect delivery as quickly as possible, we do not accept specified delivery times, because delivery by a forwarding agent s beyond our control. Any delivery dates or other terms stated by eljte are only an indication and shall not be considered deadlines. eljte will not at any time be liable for any consequential damage, including but not limited to the loss of profits and/or incidental damage, as a consequence of delays.

  • We reserve the right to choose whether to ship.

  • Express shipping rates to be calculated upon requests.

Austria (AU) € 25.00
Belgio (BEL) € 30.00
Bulgaria (BUL) € 35.00
Croazia (CRO) € 45.00
Cipro (CYP) € 45.00
Danimarca (DAN) € 35.00
Estonia (EST) € 45.00
Finlandia (FIN) € 35.00
Francia (FRA) € 25.00
Germania (GER) € 25.00
Gran Bretagna (GBR) € 30.00
Grecia (GRE) € 35.00
Irlanda (IRL) € 25.00
Lettonia (LET) € 45.00
Lituania (LIT) € 45.00
Lussemburgo (LUS) € 30.00
Malta (ML) € 45.00
Norvegia (NOR) € 35.00
Olanda (NED) € 30.00
Polonia (POL) € 35.00
Portogallo (POR) € 35.00
Principato di Monaco (MON) € 25.00
Repubblica Ceca (CZ) € 35.00
Romania (ROM) € 35.00
Scozia (SCO) € 30.00
Slovacchia (SK) € 35.00
Slovenia (SLO) € 30.00
Spagna (SPA) € 30.00
Svezia (SVE) € 35.00
Svizzera (SVI) € 45.00
Turchia (TUR) € 35.00
Ungheria (UNG) € 35.00
Extra surcharge: exceed dimension over 1m3 or 200 kg


  • Orders sent by this web-system are valid and effective, eljte will reject customers complains due to any kind of mistakes.
  • All consignments shall be shipped at purchaser’s risk and always at his expense, even if delivery has been  agreed upon freight paid, the risk shall pass over to the purchaser as soon as the goods have been shipped. The purchaser must always ask and pay extra freight charges for express, assurance or un-usual shipments.
  • All the orders are usually shipped within 24/72 h after receiving payment confirmation.
  • We reserve the right to reject the customer orders at anytime without notice.
  • Packaging fee of € 4,00 will be charged for orders amount less than 100,00 € (freight not included).


  • Our invoices are payable in advance by TT transfer or by credit card.

Return of goods

  • The purchaser or his representation is required to check the shipment for transport damages immediately after receiving the goods. All damages is to be reported to the forwarding agent immediately by a written complain on the shipping document.
  • Claims for incomplete or incorrect delivery or for obvious damages must be made to us immediately in writing, no later than eight days of receipt of the goods. This shall also apply to goods which we have delivered directly to your customers or print shops. Damages which are not identified within 8-days can’t be can’t apply for full or partial compensation.
  • Without obligation, we only accept returned goods upon prior agreement and if the goods are in good condition and in their original packing, and return delivery carriage is at purchaser's charge.
  • Goods with an advertising imprint may not be returned and accepted.